Internship program : Farm & Hatchery Technicians – easyHATCH


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Internship program : Farm & Hatchery Technicians – easyHATCH

Farm & Hatchery Technicians

easyHATCH is offering an excellent opportunity to young graduates. This is the place to start your career in agriculture. We provide superior hands-on training which ensures that you get to apply all the theory you learned at school. You will be challenged and given an opportunity to grow faster than you have ever dreamed of.

To be selected into our Internship program you must be energetic, dynamic, fast-thinking, self-starter, self-aware, and most importantly be a fast learner . The successful candidate will need to approach their job with zeal, integrity and utmost honesty. Know how to use common-sense.

You will be required to help breed and care for chickens. Attend to live animals, egg incubation, cleaning and general upkeep of the hatchery and poultry farm. You must love animals.

We will provide you with all the necessary practical training.


Someone who is passionate, self-motivated and incentivized by the opportunity of being the master of their own destiny with the ability to produce meaningful results. We are looking for candidates that are able to deliver a consistent output that requires more management support and guidance than micro-management in order to meet their key performance indicators. You must be well groomed, well-mannered and speak clearly and professionally. Reliability, honesty and ethical values are absolutely necessary and non-negotiable.

You must be self-driven, highly motivated and display a high level of confidence.

Must have the following people skills:

• Communication

• Strong Customer Relationships

• Service driven


Pre-requisites Skills & Qualifications

· Must have good communication skills (Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, English, French).

· A university degree in Agriculture (Poultry Production) .

· Must possess the ability to work in a highly dynamic environment, under time constrains, and to a very high standard of accuracy.

· High sense of organization and structure.

· Efficient on time management.

· Good team player.

Key Responsibilities

· Handling, loading, unloading and transporting chickens

· Feeding and monitoring the health and welfare of chickens

· Carrying out feeding and breeding programs

· Cleaning out the hatchery

· Sexing chickens, separating the males form the females

· Collecting, incubating and packaging eggs

· Operating farm machinery and vehicles

· Carrying out routine maintenance of equipment and machinery.

· Carries out any task as directed by the Supervisor/Manager.

Specific Technical, Personality Or Job Skills

• Integrity and honesty

• Be physically fit

• Be a team player

• Work well with your hands

• Be comfortable handling animals

• Be attentive to detail

• Be comfortable operating machinery and equipment

• Ability to work independently and multi-task

• Must demonstrate commitment and ability to work under pressure

• Very meticulous and rigorous

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